Manage Users

If you have a Codefresh account, you can add any number of users to collaborate on repositories, workflows, and pipelines.

Adding a user requires assigning a role, and optionally, an SSO provider:

Role: Defines the user’s access level, and is by default set to User. The Administrator role has full access to account settings. For guidelines on access control, see Access control.

SSO: By default, SSO is not enabled for users. If required, explicitly select the SSO provider. For an overview of SSO, see Single Sign on.

Add a user

  1. In Codefresh, click Account Settings.
  2. From the sidebar, select Collaboration.

Users list

Users list
  1. Select Users, and then select + [Add User].

Add new user

Add new user
  1. Type the User’s email address.
  2. Assign a role, by selecting either User or Administrator.
  3. If SSO is configured for the account, Select SSO provider.

The user receives an email invitation, and the Users page is updated with information on the user. The Status column shows Invite sent until the user accepts the invitation, when the user account is created.

For invitations pending accept, select Resend invite.
To edit account settings, select Edit.
To remove the user account, select Delete.

Troubleshoot add users

User is prompted to enter an organization name
Account invitation not permitting login