Most entities in Codefresh are GitOps-compliant, and fully controlled via the GitOps approach.

For information on which entities and how they are controlled, review access control.

Audit logs are available for GitOps-compliant entities.

View audit logs:

  • Of Git Sources, in the Notifications panel
  • Of pipeline entities, in the Update History tab
  • In your Git repository

Git Source changes in Notifications

The Notifications panel is a pull-down panel, always available in the Codefresh toolbar. The panel shows a recent view of changes to entities such as Git Sources.

Git Sources change log in Notifications

Git Sources change log in Notifications

Pipeline entity changes in Update History

When you drill down into a pipeline, the Update History tab shows the list of changes to all its underlying entities.

Pipeline entity change log in Update History

Pipeline entity change log in Update History

Git repo change log

A change to a GitOps-controlled resource in Codefresh is made by Codefresh impersonating and pushing commits to your Git Sources. The Git repository linked to the Git Source shows all the commits.

(Future) Centralized audit log in account settings

Codefresh plans to create a centralized location from which to view all API operations.