Pre-installation checks or runtime collision check failed

Possible cause
You have Argo Project components from other installations in your cluster.

Possible actions

  1. Uninstall the Codefresh runtime.
  2. Remove the Argo Project components from your cluster.
  3. Reinstall the Codefresh runtime.

Pre-installation error: please upgrade to the latest cli version: v<number>

Possible cause
Codefresh has a new CLI version.

Possible actions
Run the appropriate command to upgrade to the latest version:

Download mode OS Command
Curl MacOS-x64 curl -L --output - | tar zx && mv ./cf-darwin-amd64 /usr/local/bin/cf && cf version
  MacOS-m1 curl -L --output - | tar zx && mv ./cf-darwin-arm64 /usr/local/bin/cf && cf version
  Linux - X64 curl -L --output - | tar zx && mv ./cf-linux-amd64 /usr/local/bin/cf && cf version
  Linux - ARM curl -L --output - | tar zx && mv ./cf-linux-arm64 /usr/local/bin/cf && cf version
Brew N/A brew tap codefresh-io/cli && brew install cf2

Failed to bootstrap repository: authentication required

Possible cause
The Git token provided for runtime installation is not valid.

Possible actions

  • Make sure the token:
    • Has a valid expiration date.
    • Scope includes repo and admin-repo.hook

Failed adding git integration <…> 404 not found

Possible cause
Another process is probably occupying the address you provided as your ingress-host.

Possible actions

  • Terminate the process to free up the address.

Failed to create default git integration:…failed making a graphql API call…the HTTP request failed

Possible cause
The Ingress controller does not have a valid SSL certificate. The certificate must be from a Certificate Authority.

Possible actions

  1. Get a valid CA-signed certificate for the Ingress controller.
  2. Run the runtime installation.


  • Continue with the runtime installation in insecure mode:

    cf intg git add default --api-url --runtime <runtime_name> --insecure
    <runtime_name> is the name of the runtime installation.

Failed to create default git integration:…GraphQL Error (Code: 401): (“response”:{“error”:”Unauthorized: Invalid token.”status”:401, “headers”:{}}..)

Possible cause
The ingress host specified does not point to the cluster selected for runtime installation.

Possible actions
Make sure the ingress host points to the cluster on which the runtime is installed.

Timeout error, either for applications or while waiting for the installation to complete

Possible cause
Cron-executer has identified that not all your applications are synced and healthy.
Codefresh runtime installation syncs app status at 10-minute intervals. The timeout occurs if after the last status sync, at least one application is either not synced or healthy.

Possible actions

Without terminating the runtime install, do the following:

  1. In the Argo CD UI, check the status of your apps:
    • Port forward your argo-cd server pod using default 8080 ports.
    • Access it via localhost:8080 with the Username admin, and Password which is the decoded argocd-initial-admin-secret in your cluster.

      With k9s, in the secrets view, press x.

  2. If all apps are perfectly synced and healthy, check the logs of the cron-executor service.
  3. If the logs don’t show a cause for the error, try freeing up resources:
    • Free up memory with docker system prune -a --volumes.
    • Increase the resources allocated to your cluster.