Build specific revision image

We added a simple way to build an image from specific revision, auto-tagged we SHA.

Why is that important?

In order to discover and solve regression issues, it can be helpful to return to a specific revision in our repository, than test in with same images of other micro-services as part of a composition. That process can be done easily, and can help you improve your delivery and quality.

How to build and tag your revision?

Select your Repository


Click on requested repository

Go to Branches


Select a branch from list


Select a commit from list


Choose your preferred pipeline and build


Choose your preferred pipeline and build

You can choose a different pipeline than the default pipeline of the repository.


Now, you can find your image on the images list. Notice that your image is already tagged with the SHA of the revision, so you can easily run a composition using that tag.


Now you can run a composition using the SHA tag image as part of the micro-services inside. Don’t forget to launch your composition.