Configure XtremeCloud Single Sign-On (SSO) for Common Access Card (CAC) Authentication

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In May of 1999, the Deputy Secretary of Defense (DEPSECDEF) issued a policy memorandum mandating the implementation of a single, integrated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) across the Department of Defense (DoD). This policy mandated that the DoD PKI be used to digitally sign all email, support mutual authentication to private web sites, cryptographically authenticate to computer networks, and be used in DoD applications when appropriate.

In November of 1999, a Smart Card policy memo was issued by the DEPSECDEF which required that a Common Access Card (CAC), based on smart card technology, be used as the primary identification card for DoD personnel, support building access, and be the token for PKI credentials. More recently, Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 [HSPD-12] mandates the implementation of a Federal Information Processing Standard 201 [FIPS 201] Personal Identity Verification (PIV) of Federal Employees and Contractors. The DoD CAC and DoD PKI programs are being aligned to meet this additional set of requirements. The DoD established a Middleware Sub-Work Group (MSWG) under the Test and Evaluation Work Group (TEWG) of the Identity Protection and Management Senior Coordinating Group (IPMSCG) to consolidate and document the baseline middleware requirements across the DoD. This middleware requirements document represents the consensus of the participating members of the TEWG.

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