Container Support Policy


This document describes how Eupraxia Labs provides support for different combinations of underlying container technologies. This policy builds upon the Eupraxia Labs Support Policy on Third Party Software and is specific to the technologies shipped with two main products:

  1. XtremeCloud Single Sign-On (SSO)
  2. XtremeCloud DataGrid (web, ldap, database)

Support Policy Overview

Eupraxia Labs provides support for a number of underlying component technologies. Combinations of these technologies can be used by customers to run and manage a fully-supported container infrastructure.

The underlying technology can be thought of as layers in an integrated and tested software stack. The level of support is determined by the underlying components used in each layer of the stack. Following these guidelines will ensure that customers have a supportable container environment. By engineering, testing, delivering and supporting a complete stack, Eupraxia Labs ensures our customers can use this technology with confidence throughout the committed product life cycle.

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