Frontier CLI of Federal Frontier Kubernetes Platform (FKP)

Frontier Command-Line Interface (CLI) User Guide

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Federal Frontier Kubernetes Platform

Frontier CLI is a part of the Federal Frontier Kubernetes Platform (FKP). FKP is a feature-rich, cost-effective, and easy-to-deploy multi-cluster Kubernetes solution that leverages open-source community innovations while avoiding vendor lock-in. We use Frontier CLI as a front-end application for FKP to deploy, manage, and modify workload clusters within your organization. To get started, please visit the Frontier CLI installation guide.


Frontier CLI utilizes Cobra, a library providing a simple interface to create powerful modern CLI interfaces similar to git & go tools. Cobra provides:

  • Easy subcommand-based CLIs: app server, app fetch, etc.
  • Fully POSIX-compliant flags (including short & long versions)
  • Nested subcommands
  • Global, local and cascading flags
  • Intelligent suggestions (app srver… did you mean app server?)
  • Automatic help generation for commands and flags
  • Grouping help for subcommands
  • Automatic help flag recognition of -h, --help, etc.
  • Automatically generated shell autocomplete for your application (bash, zsh, fish, powershell)
  • Automatically generated man pages for your application
  • Command aliases so you can change things without breaking them
  • The flexibility to define your own help, usage, etc.
  • Optional seamless integration with viper for 12-factor apps


For security, Frontier uses Frontier API Services (FAS) to pass information to the management cluster protected by a JWT Token. Users and Administrators will be required to authenticate to Frontier CLI services via OAuth2.0. They will be redirected from the CLI to the browser allowing them to copy and paste into their CLI to be further utilized throughout the application. Users will have to ensure they have the correct role and permissions in order to conduct, retrieve, or delete actions from Frontier Management Cluster (FMC). To learn more about security implementation within Frontier services, visit this link.

Guides on Frontier CLI

The following sections below will contain tutorial guides on how Frontier CLI is used under different tasks requested by the authenticated user or administrator. This list contains tutorials on each tool and capabilities Frontier CLI possesses for its clients:

You can always run the command below if you need help navigating through the Frontier CLI application:

frontier -h