Authentication using Frontier Outpost GUI

How to Authenticate into Frontier Outpost GUI to use Frontier services

OIDC and OAuth2 Logo

Frontier Outpost utilizes OIDC and OAuth2 for authentication and authorization for services within the Frontier Management Cluster (FMC). To perform any actions or tasks within the Outpost GUI, clients are required to authenticate into their OIDC account respective to their organization. The organization can choose any OIDC provider to be used for their Frontier services. The OIDC provider chosen shall be configured by your organization’s frontier administrator. Federal Frontier recommends using Keycloak.X (powered by Quarkus) due to its cost-savings and performance. At this current time, this Frontier guide will evolve around Keycloak.X for the remainder of this tutorial, but this use-case should be similar across other OIDC providers as well.

Authentication Guide

Log into Frontier Outpost

To login to Frontier Outpost GUI for use of services, click on the “Log In” button found in your user’s actions drop-down navigation menu on the top-right corner of the home page:

Frontier Outpost - Login Button

You should automatically be redirected to the authenication screen that will prompt you for your username and password.

OIDC Provider Authentication Screen

If authentication is successful, you will be redirected back to Outpost to use Frontier services within your organization.

Frontier Outpost - Clusters

Logout of Frontier Outpost

If you wish to logout of the Frontier Outpost GUI, navigate back to the top-right corner of your screen to click on the “Log Out” button located inside of the user’s actions drop-down navigation menu:

Frontier Outpost - Login Button

You will be logged out of your Frontier account and will no longer have access to using any Frontier services within the Outpost GUI application while unauthenticated.