Frontier Admin FMC Guide for Federal Frontier Kubernetes Platform (FKP)

Frontier Management Cluster (FMC) Frontier Administration Guide

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Federal Frontier Kubernetes Platform

Federal Frontier Kubernetes Platform (FKP) by Eupraxia Labs is a feature-rich, cost-effective, and easy-to-deploy multi-cluster Kubernetes solution that leverages open-source community innovations while avoiding vendor lock-in. FKP Enterprise offers a wide range of platform services, including networking, storage, logging, and monitoring, which are all CNCF-approved and tested for compatibility. With its user-friendly interface, FKP enables rapid deployment, ensuring stability, reliability, security, and a rapid return on investment. Users can efficiently create, upgrade, and deprovision clusters through a centralized management plane. Frontier administrators will be in responsibility of overlooking and managing all Cluster API (CAPI) based operations and actions through FKP services.

Frontier Management Cluster

The Frontier Management Cluster (FMC) will act as the main cluster in charge of providing these CAPI services for FKP. All frontier administrators will be able to effectively manage staff and workload clusters directly from within their organization’s FMC. Users will also have front-end interfaces such as the Frontier Command-Line Interface (CLI) and Outpost graphical user interface (GUI) to help manage their FMC as well.

Note: It is crucial the frontier administrator does not share the FMC’s kubeconfig file with the remainder of the organization, at least those who do not possess the need to know. Exposing the kubeconfig file can be a severe security risk for your organization’s FMC cluster.

Frontier API Services (FAS)

Frontier API Services (FAS) acts as the service to provide access for all organization staff under the frontier administrator to help manage the FMC based off their roles and permissions they each have available to them. This will be able to give non-frontier administrative staff the capabilities to connect to the FMC without possessing the kubeconfig. It will be the frontier administrator’s responsibility to effectively assign these roles to each FKP user based off their positions.

Frontier CLI

Frontier CLI is a user-interface available to FKP users and administrators to deploy and manage workload clusters within their organization’s FMC. For more information on this front-end interface, please visit the Frontier CLI User Guide.

Frontier Outpost

Frontier Outpost is the upcoming browser-based GUI currently expected to GA in Q2CY2023. It will give administrators assistance in monitoring costs and achieving the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) by providing real-time visibility into expenses. Detailed cost data, along with additional insights generated by Eupraxia Labs, ensures transparency of cluster cost and health. Applications can be deployed in any Kubernetes-managed or self-attached clusters, offering complete flexibility to operate across cloud, on-premise, edge, and air-gapped, as well as on edge servers, FKP Enterprise provides immense flexibility for achieving success wherever and whenever required. To view more information on Outpost, please visit the Outpost GUI documentation page.

Guides for FKP Frontier Administrators

The following sections below will contain tutorial guides on how Frontier CLI is used under different tasks requested by the authenticated user or administrator. This list contains tutorials on each tool and capabilities Frontier CLI possesses for its clients:

Install and Setup Your FMC Cluster
Manage Your FMC Cluster through FKP Applications