Frontier CLI Installation Guide

How to Install Frontier CLI into your Local Machine

Installation Guide

This guide will provide instructions on how to install the Frontier CLI into your local machine using Homebrew, but will soon provide various different options to choose from.

Install Using Homebrew


To install Frontier-CLI using Homebrew, you will need to have Homebrew installed on your machine:

Installation Commands

To begin downloading and installing Frontier CLI into your local machine, run the following commands below:

brew tap eupraxialabs/frontier-cli
brew install frontier-cli

Confirm your installation by running the command:


You should see an expected output:

ERROR: Please insert a valid URL to connect to the Frontier Kubernetes Platform (FKP) API Server

To set up the API Server URL, run the following command:

  export API_SERVER_URL=<insert-url-here>

The Federal Frontier Kubernetes Platform (FKP) is a feature-rich, 
cost-effective, and easy-to-deploy multi-cluster Kubernetes 
solution that leverages open-source community innovations 
while avoiding vendor lock-in. We use Frontier CLI as a 
front-end application for FKP to deploy, manage, and modify 
workload clusters within your organization.

Just insert the URL value for the API_SERVER_URL environment variable within your terminal and that’s it! Eupraxia Labs team made it easy and simple to have Frontier CLI running on your machine in the matter of seconds!

Uninstall Frontier CLI

Uninstalling Frontier CLI using Homebrew can also be done in seconds as well. You will only be required to run these following commands to complete this action:

brew uninstall frontier-cli
brew untap eupraxialabs/frontier-cli